Escape From Colonialism - T-Shirt

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Escape From Colonialism - T-Shirt

SECTION 35 x Colonialism Skateboards...

The Crown signed Treaties with First Nations peoples.

First Nations peoples were forced onto reserves.

The Canadian government broke the Treaties.

Thousands upon thousands of First Nations have died since …

I’ve been writing a story that goes with this board graphic for a couple of years. There are fictional characters and my ancestors in this story. This story deals with issues in the past, present and into the future. It has nothing to do with the actual movie, Escape From New York. Sorry, no, #SnakePlissken

Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island have been escaping genocide, cultural genocide, oppression, suppression, patriarchy, and racism for a very long time. Indigenous peoples have been murdered, raped, starved and displaced. This is our story of survival.